A four-week series to help you reclaim control over your food, your health, and your environment.

Live Sessions with Sowing Sovereignty Speakers

Wednesdays 5pm PDT | April 13th - May 4th

Join Sowing Sovereignty speakers Mollie Engelhart, Brian Maisenbacher, Jim Gale, and Jeff Witzeman as they share their insights and offer actionable steps to become more responsible and exert influence over the most important areas of your life.

If Sowing Sovereignty was about setting the vision for a food sovereign future, Sovereignty Sessions is about how to create YOUR vision of the future in your own life. Each week, speakers will go deep into a topic essential to embodying a food sovereign lifestyle. From cultivating the mindset, to deciding the outcome, to realizing the plan, each speaker brings their own insight into the conversation to deliver the tools you need to win.

You’'ll leave these sessions with :

  • The steps to transform your eating habits and lifestyle TODAY

  • The knowledge to create a gardening plan that works FOR YOU

  • The right questions and mindset to bring your vision to fruition

  • Practical ways to design your food forest or garden project

Join our speakers for these 90 minute Zoom calls with live Q&A are meant to give you the tools and answer your questions about food, sovereignty, and the art of growing. 🌱 Speaker dates and bios below 👇

Register to get full access to the replays as well as the chance to join live on upcoming sessions!

Mollie Engelhart: April 13th

A passionate advocate for food sovereignty, Mollie is a living testament to the power of aligning your lifestyle with your own values. After opening and operating several successful restaurants, she sought deeper connection with the food she prepared and the land on which it was grown.

Her journey led her to start Sow a Heart Farm, a regenerative agriculture farm where she has worked and lived with her partner Chef Elias and their beautiful family.

Brian Maisenbacher: April 20th

Brian Maisenbacher has dedicated his life to becoming the best farmer he possibly can be. He is mission-driven to help others have success in growing food and medicinal crops for their communities and their families. He is passionate about finding solutions to help farmers become more regenerative and profitable.

Brian has wholeheartedly spent over a decade working on farms, heritage orchards, cattle ranches, doing landscaping, and designing home gardens and farms around Arizona, California, and the Midwest.

Jim Gale: April 27th

Founder and Chief Storyteller of Food Forest Abundance, Jim Gale has helped hundreds of families grow their own food and learn to embrace a more free, health, and abundant life.

Food Forest Abundance was established in 2020 and has blossomed into a global movement to help people become more self-reliant.

Jeff Witzeman: May 4th

Jeff Witzeman is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, speaker and writer. He has authored 3 albums with his band Jeff Witzeman & The Jealous Housewives, and 5 documentary films in the last 5 years.

His recent film Beliefs and Stories explores how our emotional and spiritual experiences can either foster healing or spur disease, and how our work to transform old traumas can lead us to greater health.

Wednesdays 5pm PDT
April 13 - May 4

These sessions will be held LIVE on Zoom every Wednesday from April 13th to May 4th. Registrants will get access to the replays each week after the event.

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